SPY at the Movies

November 15, 2010

Executive Director – Peter Earnest

Ever wonder what a real spy thinks of spy movies?  Our resident Spy Peter Earnest  went to E Street Theater to check out the movie Fair Game last night and shares his thoughts:

 Our visitors often ask about the plausibility of movies so I’m glad to say here’s one I can recommend.  Yes, perhaps Valerie’s field work is a little over the top but it is along the lines of what her work was.  It also vividly shows the consequences of her public exposure on both sources and others she may have “under development.”  I also found the depiction of the Agency’s slamming the door in her face and freezing her out not plausible, at least in my memory.  The Agency would be too interested in her working with her to contain the damage to behave so ruthlessly.  Nevertheless, she was a consultant to the film and has gone on the record speaking positively about it.  I’ll be in touch with her and share any feedback of interest. I do recommend it.  We may want to have her back.  Remember, when we did “Dinner with a Spy, I don’t think she had done her book yet.” – Peter Earnest, International Spy Museum

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  1. Meg says:

    I loved “The Third Man!” My father took me to this movie about ten times when I was a kid. I didn’t always understand the movie, since I was so young at first, but it’s one of the backdrops of my growing up, in addition to “The Maltese Falcon” and “Captain’s Courageous.” Thanks for the reminder.

    On the contemporary front, “Satan’s Chamber,” a thriller, couple years old, is a good read. Set in Sudan, dealing with CIA operatives, weapons of mass destruction, oil–you know, all the gnarly stuff! Strong female protagonist, and you learn something about Sudan in the process. (I didn’t know anything before I read it.)

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