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Spy at the Movies – The Quarantined Edition

Bridge of Spies (2015) Let’s support Tom Hanks’s speedy recovery by watching him in this fantastic movie about a tricky spy swap. Argo (2012) Our favorite Spy Museum founding board member Tony Mendez is immortalized here by Ben Affleck. The … Continue reading

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Declassified: Women You Probably Didn’t Know Were Spies

Over the centuries there have been colorful, clever, trained and dedicated women, all engaged in the art of espionage. From the Civil War to the present time, their roles have in intelligence have varied as spies, cryptologists, scientists, historians, entertainers, … Continue reading

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Mata Hari: Double Agent or Scapegoat?

The debate over Mata Hari and her involvement with the world of espionage is one that may never have a clear answer. Her life is a mix of tall tales and legends, some were self-fabricated, and others were created by … Continue reading

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From Russia with Love | A History of Poisonings

Targeted killing. Wet jobs. Assassinations. Eliminations. Spy thrillers feature deadly plots in which governments eliminate spies, operatives, dissidents or enemies of the state. Life imitated art with the recent expulsion of 60 Russians from the United States on Monday, in … Continue reading

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Berlin Tunnel – Journey of An Artifact

During the Cold War, monitoring the Soviet Union and its influence worldwide was the top priority for the CIA. In the 1950s, the CIA and British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) agreed tunneling from West Berlin to East Berlin would be … Continue reading

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The Women Who Were Spies

March is Women’s History Month! SPY pays homage to female spies whose achievements, courage and strength outshine even James Bond! Virginia Hall America’s “Incredible Limping Lady” Of the many women who served in the OSS, field agent Virginia Hall was one … Continue reading

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Holiday Etiquette – Moscow Rules

        With the holidays fast approaching, we can all use a refresher crash course in guest etiquette in preparation for your timely visit to family and friends! Much like the “Rules of Engagement” for spies, the CIA’s … Continue reading

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Explore milestones from the International Spy Museum’s past 14 years!

On July 19, 2002 – the International Spy Museum opened its doors – introducing you to the shadowy world of espionage! Over 9 million visitors and 14 years later, we thank YOU for spying on us! Explore milestones from the International … Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes – SPY Celebrates African-Americans in Espionage

In honor of Black History month, SPY profiles extraordinary clandestine African American men and women throughout history. These unsung heroes have been active agents in the defense of American freedom on the frontlines and behind the scenes of every American military conflict. … Continue reading

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10 James Bond Facts You Should Know

The first Bond film, Dr. No hit theaters on Oct. 5, 1962. Five decades and 24 films later, the super spy Agent 007 has been immortalized as an iconic screen hero. In anticipation of SPECTRE, latest installment in the Bond … Continue reading

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