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The International Spy Museum’s Top Ten Sexiest Spies

Our next list outlines some of the notoriously sexy spies of all time – male and female. We’ve included this in our crash course in espionage because all new agents need to be aware of the dangers of extra-seductive operatives. … Continue reading

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Top Ten Spy Books According to Our Resident Spy, Peter Earnest

Good morning, agents. Before you head into the field, it’s imperative that you review the following documents as assigned by our resident spy, Peter Earnest. This list represents a comprehensive guide to trade craft and past missions that will help … Continue reading

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Top Ten Spy Gadgets at the Spy Museum

What are spies without their gadgets? Here’s the Spy Museum’s top ten picks for coolest spy gear. Don’t leave HQ without them. 10. Lipstick pistol – Issued by KGB, circa 1965 The lipstick pistol, used by KGB operatives during the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Espionage Films According to the International Spy Museum

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the Spy Museum coming up on July 19th, we compiled a list of the top ten films that get our operatives pumped up for missions. Consider this list your first assignment on the … Continue reading

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